Chef Line-Up

Keeping it Austin Weird – All recipes are locally inspired! 


Chef CampbellChef Adam • Chef VanceChef Wards

chef scotty campbell milestone
Chef Scotty Campbell
Sponsor: Milestone Distributors
Featured Product: Coyote Outdoor Grill

Menu: TBD

About Chef Scotty Campbell
Passion is the word that comes to mind when enjoying a meal prepared by Scotty Campbell, Chef de la Vie. He is passionate for an art form whose medium is the natural bounty of this earth… passionate for a profession that inspires the limitless joy of creation. Passionate for a life that is celebrated every day in the purest way!

Chef Scotty started his search for the culinary passion in the kitchens of Houston’s best restaurants. He then found a comfortable stride in the catering industry, and went in search of more than one interpretation by traveling, cooking in 168 castles, villas and private islands around the world, each on offering it’s own unique cultural and culinary perspective.

Once around the world, Scotty then reached for the “stars” as the Executive Chef for Clean Channel Entertainment. Scotty continues to receive rave reviews from many celebrities he was the private chef for such as Beyonce Knowles, Jewel, Robin Williams, Price, Sir Elton John, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Ron Howard, the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, Britney Spears, Luciano Pavarotti, Walter Cronkite, Willie Nelson, Lenny Kravitz, Joe Cocker, Toby Keith & Rolling Stones to name just a few.

Chef Scotty is currently sharing his passion for cooking and living life to the fullest as the Corporate Executive Chef of Milestone Distributors. Currently, Chef Scotty is working on his first book, a culinary lifestyle guide to those who are challenged with diabetes or cardiovascular disease, as well as a television program showcasing his exuberant style of cooking, highlighting his insightful approach to stress-free entertaining and his fervent passion to bring us all “back to the table” and to celebrate life… one bite at a time!

Sous Chef Adam Fritz
Sponsor: Bosch
Featured Product: Bosch Benchmark Double Oven

Menu: Vindaloo Chicken, Chickpea Salsa, Green Chutney Aioli, Cardamom Panna Cotta, Ginger & Citrus Compote, Coconut Crumble

About Chef Adam Fritz

Well before the Food Network was around, Adam has early memories of coming home after school watching the tv show “Great Chefs” on PBS. At the time he hadn’t even considered being a chef, he just found it very interesting. Often, Adam would find himself in the kitchen trying to recreate things he saw on the show.

A desire to learn and better himself as a chef lead me to attend culinary school after 6 years of professional cooking. There Adam discovered Thomas Keller and The French Laundry cookbook. Chef Keller remains a huge influence on his cooking philosophy.

Over Adam’s 20 plus year career, he has held positions as head chef, chef de cuisine, and sous chef. In restaurants such as Pacific Edge French Japanese Fusion, Second City Bistro, The Grill Concept Group, and the first Gastro pub in Conejo Valley, CA. Prior to his move to Austin Texas, Adam worked as the head chef in a high-end substance abuse treatment center. While there, he continued to experiment and develop his own ideas about food and cooking. Adam am an amateur forager and considers himself a semi modernist chef. He embraces the artistic and creative process and uses some molecular cuisine concepts as a tool rather than a starting point for a new dish. In the end Adam will continue to push culinary boundaries to think outside the box .

Adam is currently working as an Sous Chef with The Austin Artisan.

Chef Krista Vance
Chef Krista Vance
Sponsor: Jenn-Air
Featured Product: Jenn-Air Double Oven & Gas Cooktop

Menu: Shrimp Ceviche Tacos

About Chef Krista Vance
As a lifelong military dependent, Krista has had the opportunity not only to travel extensively but to live in many fascinating countries including Italy, Iceland, Germany and England. Living abroad was the perfect platform for her to try new food, shop in the local grocery stores and learn to prepare authentic cuisines from native friends. With each move, Krista learned reinvent herself and develop new skills.

In 2007, with her only child grown and the opportunity to explore her true passion, Krista left her position as a successful loan officer and enrolled in culinary school. Today, she is a Culinary Business Academy Graduate, Certified Professional Chef, Member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association and proud owner of Krista’s Culinary Creations. And with her team of associates, she continues exceed expectations.

Chef-Michael_WardsChef Michael Wards
Sponsor: BSH Appliances
Featured Product: Thermador Steam Oven & Freedom Induction Cooktop

Menu: Bulgogi Beef Taco, Charred Leek Aioli, Gochujang Cabbage Slaw Edamame Salad with Kimchi Cucumbers

About Chef Michael Wards
Founder, Executive Chef, and Owner of The Austin Artisan (formerly SC3 Catering), Michael didn’t find his way to the kitchen by traditional means.

Nearly a decade into a lucrative career in corporate America, Michael was tired, burnt out, and completely unfulfilled. After some soul searching, he took the leap and began to chase his dream of becoming a chef. Upon leaving his corporate job, Michael immediately ran down and enrolled into Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin and has never looked back.

Michael spent quality time in the kitchen of Austin greats, such as Second Bar and Kitchen/Congress, The Driskill Hotel, and 2Dine4 Catering, before deciding it was time to do food his way. He lives his passion by sharing a piece of his personal story with every dish he serves. His love for outstanding food, genuine hospitality, and culinary entertainment is the heartbeat of The Austin Artisan.

Special Guests

Cristina Gherghinis, Manufacturer Representative
Sponsor: Whirlpool Corporation
Featured Product: Whirlpool Suite

Bob Harris, Manufacturer Representative
Sponsor: DCS Appliances
Featured Products: DCS Outdoor Grill

John Yates, Manufacturer Representative
Sponsor: Miele
Featured Products: Miele Suite

Ezra Hardin, Manufacturer Representative
Sponsor: Viking
Featured Product: Viking Suite

Brewmaster Charlie Young
Sponsor: Perlick Refrigeration
Featured Product: Beer Dispensers

Menu: Thirsty Goat Amber Amber Ale & Bucket Head American IPA



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